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    One-on-One Personalized Fitness Training

    Sessions   Price per Session
  •  01           $85
  •  10           $80
  •  20           $75
    Personalized Fitness Training with a partner
    (Any two people with similar goals)

    Sessions   Price per Session
  • 01            $120
  • 10            $110
  • 20            $100
    Private Jeet Kune Do Training

    Sessions   Price per Session
  •  01           $70
  •  10           $65
  •  20           $60
    Semi-Private Jeet Kune Do Training     * Small Group Classes are available*

  • 2-4 people = $30 per individual
  • 5 or more = $25 per individual

        * 2-Day 10 Hour Intensive Personal Training Program *
    Comprehensive instruction program covering the totality of combat:
    How to win a street fight on your feet, on the ground, or with weapons
    On Day 1:
  • Rapid Assault Tactics: Our program originally developed for the Navy Seals as a primary combative program based in Jeet Kune Do concepts, is simple to learn and effective to use.
  • Weaponry: Learn how to defend yourself with blunt and edged weapons using Filipino Kali.
    On Day 2:
  • Ground fighting: Blending Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, striking, and Kina Mutai which provides you with an all round game plan for the street.
  • PFS Blend: Flowing from empty hands, weapons, ground fighting and multiple opponents.
  Each day consists of 4 hours of training with a break for lunch and plenty of Q&A. Training takes place at my personal studio here in downtown San Francisco, where you will receive my personal instruction for the full two days.

*Cost = ($550 for Private Instruction) *** (2-4 people = $1100)*

        * I M Powerful ---Power and Mobility Training* (Action Strength System)

  A unique martial arts based approach to develop power and mobility. Combining Kettlebells, body weight and martial arts movements to increase strength, endurance, agility, flexibility and balance. Learn to align the mind-body-spirit connection through proper focus of breath, posture and intent using Tai Chi, Qi-Gung, Filipino Kali and the Ancient Indian art of Mala Vidyea.

        *Cost = $500 for 10 Sessions* (classes limited to 4 people)*

        *Corporate training options available*
  • Ask about free consultations
  • Average session length is approximately 1 hour
  • Train at my fitness studio, your office, outdoors, your home, or at Planet Granite in the Presidio (day pass required at PG for non-members)
  • Installment payment options, and discounted pricing available
  • 20% discount for Military, Law Enforcement Officers (LEO), & Firefighters
  • Inquire about trades

  • Progressive Fighting Systems Certified Full Instructor
  • Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association Certified Full Instructor
  • ACT Certified Personal Trainer
  • CPR / AED Certified
  • Fully Insured
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