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Sifu Tim Richards
Self Defense Instructor & Strength Coach

  Peace of mind is a state of well-being where the mind, body, and spirit are working in harmony with one another. My goal is to help you achieve this balance through fun physical fitness, nutritional education, and sufficient rest. Fun physical fitness will include martial arts, weight training, yoga, cycling, climbing, and many other sports. Together, we will find activities that you already love to do and incorporate them into your fitness program. Your nutritional plan will be designed to fit your lifestyle, and will include guidelines on when to eat, what to eat, how much to eat and complementary supplements timed with your daily rhythms. We will work together to address your lifestyle patterns and stress levels by outlining a rest plan that is restorative and allows you to reach your full potential. Holistic fitness and wellness involves incorporating all of these fundamentals into your daily routine. Let me be your fitness coach and guide you on the path to wellness.

* Improve Health * Improve Body Composition * Improve Performance *

  • Functional Movement & Postural Rebalancing, High Performance Strength Coaching
  • Self Defense (Jeet Kune Do, Small Circle Ju Trap Boxing, Kali)
  • Customized & Creative Fitness Programs
  • Sports, Activity, & Wellness Coaching
  • Individual & Small Group Sessions
  • To schedule and orientation please call (415)608-3723 or email sifutimr@gmail.com

Partners: | Next Level Rising | Universal Martial Arts Academy | Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association | Grass Roots Vitality & Herbs |

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